Straight, Curvy, Zig-Zag, Paralell - Lines!

They are everywhere - you might not realize it because you look at them all the time.  Lines are there, in everything.  We wanted to see what lines you look at on a regular basis and here is what you snapped.

mewmew803 won first place with this snap “closet door”

jleigh369 snapped this mulitcolor set of lines. 

ladyoflakeside snapped these lines…looks like a house.

ae86 took this snap of the lines of a “dog bed.”

brooklyngirl snapped these red park bench lines

dulcechocolte snapped these wavy lines.

inadequate_hero found fast lines.

isabellazelda snapped tiny lines on the “window cover”

kgadwood showed off these fashionable “magnetic nail polish” lines.

livcross8 snapped “piano stripes”

mimbutton snapped these “jet lines”

native_stylz02 snapped these curvy wrought iron lines.

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But wait! There’s more!

The Flowbee, the Chia Pet, the Clapper…Did you buy one?  Were you tempted to buy one?  We wanted to see what else was out there for sale and what made you ask “That’s for Sale?!”

yoda_girl found a croc for Bigfoot or a giant…and won first place with this giant shoe!

mimbutton snapped this..uhm…interesting Coke flavor.  This may be one thing that Bacon does not make taste better.

boobookittief69k took this snap of a remedy sold once upon a time…

edahlke89 snapped this interesting item.  “Pitcher, planter, jeans.”  For the denim lover in your life.

glachic shows us the other menu at Subway…Pizza!

jo snapped this image and let us all know “and it lights up!”

hippstah snapped this delicacy.  I think I would buy the pork feet before that - and not because it’s pork brains but because it’s in milk gravy.

This hibernation sleeping bag is perfect for the pet that goes into hibernation each winter.  Now your pet bear can rest comfortably!  Thanks johnnyjnielsen for making sure that hibernating animals can rest easy each winter!

Is bacon in everything?  Mimbutton found this tasty lip balm.

punkyprejean shows this gem and states “Need a five foot thick wall to hang.”

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Was that a Face I Just Saw???

Have you ever noticed a face in the corner of your eye but when you turned it was just a common object?  It happens.  You might not admit it because it might sound a little strange, but it happens.  We asked you to snap pictures of “Faces in Places” where you wouldn’t normally see a face and here’s what you submitted!

yodas_girl snapped this shot “Snow smiles in Sioux City”  Are you sure it was really snow??

isabellazelda snapped this adorable feline face.  Thankfully that face was in the place it was supposed to be…

shorty9305 snapped this spooky image “Ghost in the nursing home - zoom in.”  If we could zoom in, what would we see?  I don’t know that I want to see a ghost…

jleigh369 snapped this cute bunny face out in the yard. Much less frightening than the ghost in the nursing home!

asd1012 snapped this icy face. 

citruss snapped this photo “Snow angel looks kind of like a face.” 

cocopuffshead has a face on their hairbrush!

fliprayin240sx snapped this face…what is this face?

jleigh369 - that is a very creepy face in the fire!

ladyoflakeside snapped this face in a “Painting on a brick wall” 

yodas_girl snapped this face…the force is strong in this coffeemaker…Give yourself to the Dark Roast, it is the only way you can wake up in the morning…

ae86 snapped “our sweet little girl” and what a perfect little squishy face!!

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Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House…It’s where you live.

We wanted to see where you live and you showed us!  It was the Snapzing version of Cribs and it was fantastic!  Here are the winners and some of our favorites from the “Home” contest.

Brooklyngirl showed us her home - and what a great deck!  Winning first place with this snap, we can just imagine how nice it must be to sit on that deck and enjoy life!

Brooklyngirl also won second place with this aerial of her home.  Looks like a very lovely place! 

mewmew803 snapped this photo of home.  With a backyard like that- why would you ever want to leave?

Cocopuffshead snapped this beautiful porch and said “Welcome.” 

Jeanettecarriker - “My dream home” looks a lot like my dream home…can we share?

k9sandkameras snapped this shot of “Moving Day.”  Love watching these kinds of homes drive by - it’s so cool!

Thepokerwife snapped this “My cabin in the woods.”  Looks perfect!

"Our Den" was snapped by tbevins - looks nice and cozy. Mind if I bring along a book to read in front of that fireplace?

mz.sand showed us “Sunday night at home”  My kind of Sunday night!

lovecats snapped “My kitchen”

ladyoflakeside showed us her gorgeous porch too!  Another great space to call home!

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Need Some Summer Reading Suggestions? We’ve Got ‘Em!

Books are wonderful.  When you’re not snapping photos for the latest Snapzing contest, we hope you are able to sit down and enjoy a great book.  We recently asked you to take a snap of what you were reading and share it with us!  Here are the winners and some other interesting reads from “What I’m Reading.”

mimbutton won with this great snap “Music” 

lovecats shared “my book” and made us all a little hungry! 

brooklyngirl took this great snap of what looks like “The Things They Carried”  or if you want to share what it is - please - the suspense is killing us!

gooberz shared “my favorite book so far” - definitely added to our summer reading list.

isabellazelda is catching up on a Jessica Fletcher mystery.

ladyoflakeside asks “Do They?”  Again - if you know the answer - please share.

shorty9035 shared “mom’s recipe” for cheese hash browns.  Sounds yum!

yodas_girl shows us her little reader catching up on the riveting “My Puppy”…she looks like she highly recommends this one!

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Tee Shirts Help us Identify the Cool Kids.

We all have at least one tee shirt that we absolutely love.  It may have come from that concert you saw with your buddies where you had the best night of your life.  It might be from your favorite movie.  It could be a tee shirt that has a funny picture on it.  Whatever it is, you love it and fear the day that you can no longer wear it.  That’s why we asked you to snap it!  Here are the winners and some of our favorites from T-Shirts.

lovecats won with this great shirt she bought for her husband.  “My husband’s shirt” is definitely something that all married men should wear with pride!

jleigh369 shows us how to “rock the bump” with this maternity shirt. 

cocopuffshead shows their love for Popeye with this great shirt!

korupi is sporting this awesome “Nyan Cat” shirt!  If only it could play the music too!

ladyoflakeside shows off this great tee “Tennessee Dance Hall”  Sounds like the place to be!

lizzy3434 shows us her Navy Pride! “In the Navy!”

dps4kps shows off this gem from one of the best movies of all time! 

k9sandkameras shows us all how we can be “Little Miss Sunshine.”

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The Art of Being a Couch Potato

You know that you love being a couch potato every once in a while.  It’s comfy and sometimes relaxing to just sit and veg out on the couch.  Here are the winners and some of the best submissions from the Couch Potato contest.  Take notes, you may learn a thing or two from these champion Couch Potatoes!

Jeanettecarriker shows us how “lazy nana” an be a couch potato.  She’s a cute on though - cute enough for first place! Congrats!

isabellazelda shows us how the cat does it in this snap “She’s Tired” winning second.

yodas_girl showed us her furry couch potato…lounging on some leopard print.

boobookittief69k shows us how to really live up the couch potato life “foot bath, facial, need i say more?”  I don’t think you do…it speaks for itself.

dulcechocolte shows us how the guys do it…legs crossed and beer in hand!

jakrichard shows us how to master being a couch potato in a tight squeeze…just be “tuckered out” and you’ll make it work!

k9sandkameras shows us how to be a glamorous couch potato…sitting up asleep with one shoe on and one shoe off.  Be fabulous!

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Numbers - A few of our favorites

Here are the top three snaps from the Numbers Contest as well as a few of our favorite entries that also stood out!


yodas_girl won with this snap showing that this place is never open!

ae86 brought us back to our childhood with this great snap “Toy”  winning second place!

lovecats won third place with this snap of the “phone.”

brooklyngirl showed us her favorite number against a beautiful blue sky.

dulcechocolte showed us the kind of numbers we all like to see…cash!

Punkyprejean showed us that she’s “Thirty-two and holding.”

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Steps and Stairs - Winners and Editors Picks

Here are the winners and Editors Picks from the Steps and Stairs contest!

yodas_girl won first place with this great snap “These steps have attacked me.”

bambie.ervin won second place with this snap “rose garden”

katelyn$ won third for this inviting staircase!

web1surfer showed us this great snap of “Autumn Climb”

brooklyngirl showed us this fantastic staircase - looks old!

inadequate_hero took us on a trip showing us this snap “At a restaurant outside cuzco.”  I bet that restaurant was amazing!!

jhomarcadejas showed us “San Antonio Texas” in his snap of stairs

punkyprejean showed us this rustic staircase “almost up to the sky”

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New Update and Features for Snapzing

If you have recently updated your phone, you’ll have noticed that Snapzing has recently updated.  There are a few new features that we think you will enjoy, so let’s go over what’s changed.

The most notable change can be seen when you log in to Snapzing.  We have revamped the contest navigation and made it easier to move around through the contests.  When you open the app, you will now see all the contests listed on the main screen.  Rather than flipping the screen to see each contest, you will simply scroll down the page and see all the contests, both new and old, in one list.

New contest banners will show the most recent submissions, a.k.a. your creative snaps, and will also showcase the rewards that can be won by playing this particular contest.  We think that this new contest navigation will make it easier for you to keep track of which contests are accepting new snaps, which ones need to be judged, and what prizes you should be snapping your way toward winning!

Speaking of rewards, there have been some changes to the rewards process as well.  We have automated the rewards system so that rewards are automatically delivered after every contest.  In addition to the instant rewards, players can now earn Zingbats, Boosts, and other virtual goods by playing contest.  As you play the contests and earn rewards, the rewards will appear in your Snapzing account automatically.

Snapzing now has an official currency - Zingbats.  Zingbats can be earned by entering snaps into contests and also by voting on contests.  The more you play, the more Zingbats you earn.  As you earn Zingbats, you will be able to exchange them for Boosts.  You still will be able to purchase Zingbats if you need them but, the easiest way to earn them is to play the game.

Getting your friends to play Snapzing is now simple!  Another feature of the update allows you to directly invite Snapzing followers and Facebook friends to play along with you.  The number of people playing in a contest gives you a better chance at scoring higher because there are more people who are able to boost your snaps!  The more people submitting snaps and boosting snaps, the more fun the judging! 

The leader board has also been expanded to a 30-day leader board.  Before, the leader board was an all-time leader board.  With this new update, the leader board will be changing much more now that it is just a 30 day period.  The more points you earn, the more of a shot you will have at getting a place on the leader board!

Lastly, and probably one of the more exciting aspects of this latest update, Snapzing is now international!  Connect with your friends around the world and have them enter contests with you.  We hope to see some great entries from our new players as more people from around the world start playing Snapzing!