Straight, Curvy, Zig-Zag, Paralell - Lines!

They are everywhere - you might not realize it because you look at them all the time.  Lines are there, in everything.  We wanted to see what lines you look at on a regular basis and here is what you snapped.

mewmew803 won first place with this snap “closet door”

jleigh369 snapped this mulitcolor set of lines. 

ladyoflakeside snapped these lines…looks like a house.

ae86 took this snap of the lines of a “dog bed.”

brooklyngirl snapped these red park bench lines

dulcechocolte snapped these wavy lines.

inadequate_hero found fast lines.

isabellazelda snapped tiny lines on the “window cover”

kgadwood showed off these fashionable “magnetic nail polish” lines.

livcross8 snapped “piano stripes”

mimbutton snapped these “jet lines”

native_stylz02 snapped these curvy wrought iron lines.

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Need Some Summer Reading Suggestions? We’ve Got ‘Em!

Books are wonderful.  When you’re not snapping photos for the latest Snapzing contest, we hope you are able to sit down and enjoy a great book.  We recently asked you to take a snap of what you were reading and share it with us!  Here are the winners and some other interesting reads from “What I’m Reading.”

mimbutton won with this great snap “Music” 

lovecats shared “my book” and made us all a little hungry! 

brooklyngirl took this great snap of what looks like “The Things They Carried”  or if you want to share what it is - please - the suspense is killing us!

gooberz shared “my favorite book so far” - definitely added to our summer reading list.

isabellazelda is catching up on a Jessica Fletcher mystery.

ladyoflakeside asks “Do They?”  Again - if you know the answer - please share.

shorty9035 shared “mom’s recipe” for cheese hash browns.  Sounds yum!

yodas_girl shows us her little reader catching up on the riveting “My Puppy”…she looks like she highly recommends this one!

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Coffee and Snacks…what a great combo!

We love food.  We love coffee.  That’s why it should be no surprise that we have had a few contests that feature food and drink.  Here are a few of our favorites from some of our foodie contests.

Brandella won the “Cuppa Joe” contest with this snap “Love Coffee” - when it looks like that - how can you not?

Would you want to take some fruit from this plate?  Kgadwood placed second in the “Fruit” contest with “My watermelon shark”

And this desert looks delish!  Dulcechocolte snapped this and entered it into “Fruit”

(Almost) Everyone loves Jell-o.  Even better is Jell-o shapes like the “Creating Shapes” snap that shorty9305 entered into the “Jell-o” contest.

auudacious made our mouths water with this great snap of donuts…mmmmmmmmm…donuts…..that was entered into “Snack Time”

And who wouldn’t love “Ice Cream ♥” as just.that.one.girl reminds us with her snap that was entered into “Snack Time”

Along with the sweet - there is the spicy.  Lovecats snapped this “3 hot sauce yummm” for the “Spicy” contest.  So good!