Straight, Curvy, Zig-Zag, Paralell - Lines!

They are everywhere - you might not realize it because you look at them all the time.  Lines are there, in everything.  We wanted to see what lines you look at on a regular basis and here is what you snapped.

mewmew803 won first place with this snap “closet door”

jleigh369 snapped this mulitcolor set of lines. 

ladyoflakeside snapped these lines…looks like a house.

ae86 took this snap of the lines of a “dog bed.”

brooklyngirl snapped these red park bench lines

dulcechocolte snapped these wavy lines.

inadequate_hero found fast lines.

isabellazelda snapped tiny lines on the “window cover”

kgadwood showed off these fashionable “magnetic nail polish” lines.

livcross8 snapped “piano stripes”

mimbutton snapped these “jet lines”

native_stylz02 snapped these curvy wrought iron lines.

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Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House…It’s where you live.

We wanted to see where you live and you showed us!  It was the Snapzing version of Cribs and it was fantastic!  Here are the winners and some of our favorites from the “Home” contest.

Brooklyngirl showed us her home - and what a great deck!  Winning first place with this snap, we can just imagine how nice it must be to sit on that deck and enjoy life!

Brooklyngirl also won second place with this aerial of her home.  Looks like a very lovely place! 

mewmew803 snapped this photo of home.  With a backyard like that- why would you ever want to leave?

Cocopuffshead snapped this beautiful porch and said “Welcome.” 

Jeanettecarriker - “My dream home” looks a lot like my dream home…can we share?

k9sandkameras snapped this shot of “Moving Day.”  Love watching these kinds of homes drive by - it’s so cool!

Thepokerwife snapped this “My cabin in the woods.”  Looks perfect!

"Our Den" was snapped by tbevins - looks nice and cozy. Mind if I bring along a book to read in front of that fireplace?

mz.sand showed us “Sunday night at home”  My kind of Sunday night!

lovecats snapped “My kitchen”

ladyoflakeside showed us her gorgeous porch too!  Another great space to call home!

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Tee Shirts Help us Identify the Cool Kids.

We all have at least one tee shirt that we absolutely love.  It may have come from that concert you saw with your buddies where you had the best night of your life.  It might be from your favorite movie.  It could be a tee shirt that has a funny picture on it.  Whatever it is, you love it and fear the day that you can no longer wear it.  That’s why we asked you to snap it!  Here are the winners and some of our favorites from T-Shirts.

lovecats won with this great shirt she bought for her husband.  “My husband’s shirt” is definitely something that all married men should wear with pride!

jleigh369 shows us how to “rock the bump” with this maternity shirt. 

cocopuffshead shows their love for Popeye with this great shirt!

korupi is sporting this awesome “Nyan Cat” shirt!  If only it could play the music too!

ladyoflakeside shows off this great tee “Tennessee Dance Hall”  Sounds like the place to be!

lizzy3434 shows us her Navy Pride! “In the Navy!”

dps4kps shows off this gem from one of the best movies of all time! 

k9sandkameras shows us all how we can be “Little Miss Sunshine.”

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